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gnathológia szakrendelés budapest


“Gnatology” deals with the description of the masticatory organ, including teeth, masticatory muscles, jaw bones, and jaw joints, and the examination of its normal as well as abnormal behavior.

From a dental point of view, the application of “gnatology” consists in mapping the patient waiting for care and filling in the missing teeth.

Gnatology examines the future wearability of dentures (lack of space, aesthetic effect) and analyzes any changes already present in the masticatory organ (abnormal tooth wear, abnormal, so-called forced bite, “parafunctional” jaw position).

The above are often not only lesions detectable by the dentist, but also phenomena often experienced by patients as complaints.

Examples are gnashing of teeth at night, joint click, inherited or acquired, so-called unpleasant jaw pain, muscle pain, swelling of the face due to deep bite.

Thorough mapping of the patient’s complaints and examination of the chewing organ can shed light on such problems.

In more severe cases, the patient is referred to a specialist.

Only by maintaining the health of the chewing organ can we make high-quality and appropriate professional-grade dentures.


  • the restored or restored teeth must be in both function and aesthetics in a position where the jaw joint can remain in a comfortable range of physiological movement

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